Unlike your typical hot dog in a bun, we specialize in using a stick to deep fry our signature item until it crisps golden brown.

Our hot dogs are always made fresh to order!

The Original Hot Dog
The Original Hot Dog명랑핫도그 (오리지널)
쫄깃한 반죽을 느낄수 있는오리지날 핫도그

Not your ordinary hot-dog. Our special batter gives you a mix of a crispy outer layer and a soft chewy inner layer.

Mozzarella & Sausage Hot Dog
Mozzarella & Sausage Hot Dog모짜렐라핫도그
모짜렐라치즈와 소시지를 동시에즐길수 있는 핫도그

Our best seller! Get the best of both worlds and experience a perfect combination when you take a bite into a sausage wrapped in mozzarella cheese.

Mozzarella Hot Dog
Mozzarella Hot Dog통모짜렐라 핫도그
쫄깃한 모짜렐라치즈가 듬뿍 들어있는 치즈핫도그

Calling all cheese lovers! Enjoy a hot dog that is filled with mozzarella cheese and nothing else!

Rice Cake Hot Dog
Rice Cake Hot Dog통가래떡 핫도그
쫄깃한 가래떡이 통으로 들어있는 핫도그

East meets West. A hot dog with the sausage replaced by a chewy traditional Korean rice cake.

Cheddar Cheese & Sausage Hot Dog
Cheddar Cheese & Sausage Hot Dog체다치즈 핫도그
고소한 체다치즈와 소시지를 동시에 즐길수 있는 핫도그

Take a bite into a mixture of a sausage wrapped in a creamy cheddar cheese.

Jumbo 100% Premium Beef Hot Dog
Jumbo 100% Premium Beef Hot Dog점보 100% 프리미엄 비프 핫도그
통통한 고급소시지와 쫄깃한 반죽의 맛을 동시에 느낄수 있는 핫도그

Our special jumbo hot dog made with high quality 100% beef sausage.

Potato Hot Dog
Potato Hot Dog감자 핫도그
바삭바삭한 감자튀김이 반죽 사이 사이 한가득! 감자핫도그

This dreamy hot dog is covered in our special batter and a bunch of deep fried potato pieces for an unbelievable taste and texture.

Squid-Ink & Mozzarella Hot Dog
Squid-Ink & Mozzarella Hot Dog오징어 먹물 모짜렐라 치즈 핫도그
오징어먹물을 넣어 반죽한 핫도그.모짜렐라치즈와 소시지를 동시에!!

A one of kind Hot dog that looks like a squid! A special batter made with squid-ink with a thick layer of mozzarella cheese and a layer of sausage waiting for you at the bottom!!